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  • Peer Respite Directory - An organized space for information about peer respites in the United States
  • Mad in America Parent Resources - Parent Resources for Children in Distress
  • Canadian Mental Health Association - A siblings guide to psychosis
  • Early Psychosis Intervention - Focus on early intervention
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness - National Alliance for Mental Illness
  • InterVoice
  • Hearing Voices Network - International Hearing Voices Network website lists Hearing Voices groups around the world and houses some great information on understanding voices.
  • MindMap - Early intervention in New Haven Conn, USA
  • Engage Aotearoa - Mental health resources by people with lived experience and a psychological perspective including an Online Resources Pack, a New Zealand-focused Community Resources Directory, a book of recovery stories and an online coping tool called The Coping Kete.
  • Toi Ora - An arts centre in New Zealand for people who experience mental-health problems to engage in creative activities. The website shares poetry and art by the members.
  • Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care
  • Mad In America
  • What You Need to Know Before Starting a Drug for a Mental Health Problem
  • Recovery from Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders - Includes Ron Ungers e-book Helping Reduce Medications
  • The International Hearing Voices Network
  • InterVoice Facebook Page - Intervoice Facebook Page: shares a lot of really interesting posts about hearing voices and other extreme experiences.
  • Psychosis: Psychological, Social and Integrative Approaches - The peer-reviewed journal of ISPS is an excellent source of information about psychosis and strategies that can help. A subscription is required to read full-text articles online and receive two printed journals a year.
  • Beyond Meds - A website about alternatives to medication
  • Coming Off Psychiatric Medication - A UK website that shares information about coping with coming off psychiatric medications.
  • UMass Medical School Dept of Psychiatry - Open Dialogue initiative at the University of Massachusetts: shares information on the key components of this approach.
  • Reddit Schizophrenia Page - Reddit is a website where people post discussion items and questions on particular subject threads known as Subreddits. There are active subreddits for Schizophrenia and Bipolar along with many other mental-health related topics mostly used by lay-people who are seeking support and information.
  • Computer Assisted Learning for the Mind - A website of downloadable digital recordings of mindfulness, relaxation, breathing and other exercises for coping with stress.
  • DBT Self Help - DBT Self Help shares information about Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, from people who have participated in DBT. A good source of information about coping with, communicating and understanding intense emotional states.
  • Getting my own therapy - A suggestion from other family members: someone neutral to talk to about what this all means for you
  • Personal support networks - Another family member suggestion was to seek support from trusted family and friends rather than attempt to manage everything alone help with meals and housework during crisis times or a break for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep can make a real difference.
  • Seeking out recovery stories - Another family member suggestion fuel for maintaining a hopeful stance.
  • How to touch a hot stove - The Hot Stove Project has a resource page. It also has an excellent film on mental health stigma called "Hot to Touch a Hot Stove" and a supplementary film called "CRAZY?" Additionally, it has clips of several interviews with professionals, with individuals having lived experience, and with some who are professionals with lived experience.


  • Anatomy of an Epidemic, Robert Whittaker
  • Rethinking Madness, Paris Williams
  • The Happiness Trap, Russ Harris Acceptance and Commitment Therapy strategies for coping with stress and distress
  • The Bitterest Pill, Joanna Moncrieff
  • A Straight Talking Introduction to the Causes of Mental Health Problems, John Read An easy-to-read, non-pathologising, non-blaming, short book summarizing the research on what causes mental-health problems.
  • Models of Madness, Read, Mosher and Bentall
  • Coming off Psychiatric Drugs: Harm Reduction Guide, 2nd Edition, by Will Hall e-book available here.
  • Families Healing Together


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