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ISPS-US Organizational Privacy Policy

ISPS-US will not give your name or contact information to any other organization except for ISPS (International), of which we are the United States Chapter. Occasionally we mail or e-mail our members items from other organizations that we feel are of high interest to our members, but we do not share our mailing list or e-mail list with other organizations.

We will list all members' names and contact information in the Membership Directory, unless they request not to be included. The directory is only sent to members. We will list members' name, city, state and country, work phone, e-mail address and web address on our website member list only if they request to be included. The web list is available to the public. We will acknowledge donations (above dues) in our publications only if donors agree to be included. None of these member/donor lists is to be used for solicitation or purposes unrelated to ISPS-US.

You have the opportunity to inform us of your privacy choices when you join or make a donation, when you renew your membership, or any time you contact us in writing (by letter or e-mail).

Website Privacy Policy

ISPS-US is committed to ensuring and safeguarding your privacy while using this website. We provide the following explanation to help you understand what information may be collected on the website, and how it is used.

Personal Information
This site uses forms to collect personal information for the purpose of membership and registration for conferences. Any information that you provide by filling out and submitting one of these forms will be used only for the purpose stated on the form, and will never be shared with any third party for any reason, without your expressed permission.

The web designer and owner of this site analyze visitor traffic with StatCounter. StatCounter delivers a cookie to your computer's hard drive. If you have disabled cookies on your browser, no cookie will be delivered to your computer. The cookie does not deliver any personally identifying information back to ISPS-US, and is used only to track the number of return visitors to the site. For further information about cookies, their use, and security considerations, click here.

Site Traffic Analysis
In order to provide a site that best meets vistors' interests, viewing and navigation preferences, we collect the following information about site visitors:

IP Address: Your computer's IP address is collected, which in turn provides the following information:

  • Your location (city, region/state and country)
  • The name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • If you are browsing from a computer or network with a static (fixed) IP address, the name of your company or organization may be captured. Educational facilities, hospitals, goverment agencies, and corporations are examples of organizations that may have a static IP address.
  • Personal information such as your name and email address is NEVER captured, unless you have purposefully configured your computer with a static IP address, AND configured your IP client to display this personal information.

System Information: The following information about your computer is collected:

  • Browser type (i.e. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator)
  • Screen resolution
  • Operating system (i.e. Windows XP, Windows 95, Linux, Mac OS2)
  • Whether or not Javascript is enabled on your computer.

Visitor Navigation: StatCounter collects various types of information regarding visitor navigation. This information is tied to the IP address of the visitor. Collected information includes: entry and exit pages, visitor paths through the site, date, time and length of visit, referring URL (the link the visitor clicked in order to reach and search engine keywords used to locate

For further information, contact us.

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